The application of Scarabaeus technology uses the already manufactured and field-tested agricultural machine Scarabaeus-1 with elements of precision agriculture. According to this technology, non-productive soil is modified in to fertile by inserting an organic soil improver locally, only in plant growth lines, directly into the root growth zone, in 15 cm diameter underground technological inserts, the upper edge of which is located at a depth of 10-15 cm from the soil surface. The spacing between insertions centers is 55-75 cm. This enables to insert soil improver not to the entire area to be modified, as in the traditional tillage technology, but only in the growth lines, thus mechanically reducing the necessary effective insertion amount of soil improver by 5 times, by ensuring that soil in the restored area has the same fertility as when the full, not reduced, amount of soil improver is applied. A 10-15 cm layer of soil above the technological insert protects the technological insert from the destructive sun and wind effects, as well as from scattering due to subsequent light tillage during harvesting. This enables soil improver to function effectively for 4-5 years. The coordinates of the underground technological inserts centers are recorded in the tractor's GPS system and are thus located under the soil layer during sowing. Granulated manure, vermicompost and sapropel ameliorant can be used as soil improvers. Use of sapropel ameliorant saves up to 50% of irrigation water.
GJ Magma Ltd. tested the performance of Scarabaeus technology, in a sand-gravel quarry, by inserting 11 t/ha of sapropel ameliorant instead of 60 t/ha during project No. J05-LVPA-K-04-0095 under EU-funded measure Intelligence LT. There were yields obtained, in artificially created soil, comparable to fertile Lithuanian soil.
In 2023-2024, the performance of the Scarabaeus technology was tested under real operating conditions in the Tabernas desert, Almeria province, Spain. Yields comparable to those of fertile Spanish soils were obtained in artificially created soil in field trials.