GJ Magma Ltd. (in Lithuanian: UAB „GJ Magma“) was established in 1992 (it was called The private company of Ginutis Juozapavičius “Magma” at that time). It is one of the major geological companies in Lithuania dealing with prospection and survey of raw material deposits (gravel, sand, clay, dolomite, gaize, sapropel [lake silt], peat, anhydrite) as well as preparation of special natural resource usage plans, environment impact assessments of excavations, scientific geological research in the area of natural resources, consultation regarding use of natural resources, performs exploratory drillings, and high-precision 3-D imaging and modeling of excavated or filled areas using unmanned aerial (UAVs) and underwater (UUVs) vehicles (drones).

The company employs 17 people: 12 of them hold MSc degrees in either geology, geodesy, or engineering, and two of them hold a PhD in geology, one person is on the way to a PhD. The company uses most advanced methods of natural resource exploration and estimation, and modeling of irregular body structures and design of quarries. High-precision of calculations is based on the use of aero-photography from the drones.

Services: New Technologies and High Professionalism

Areas of expertise:

  • Prospection and survey of hard natural resources, exploratory drilling, laboratory sampling and research, geological survey reports
  • Environmental and public health impact assessment of planned economic activity in quarries
  • Projects of territory planning and change-of-use plans
  • Design and re-design of natural resource usage plans
  • Measurement of excavated resources using drones and preparation of reports
  • Eco-geological investigation, monitoring
  • Consultation, scientific research in the area of use of natural resources

Our clients:

  • Government companies and agencies:
    • Environment protection department of Klaipėda region; Lithuanian Geological Survey; Danish Geological Survey; National Museum of Lithuania; GC Forestry of State; GC “Kelių priežiūra” (Road Maintenance).
  • Major Lithuanian natural resource production companies:
    • AB Dolomitas; AB Klovainių skalda; UAB Skaistgirio skalda; UAB Rizgonys; UAB Žvyro karjerai; UAB Šventininkų karjeras; UAB Žvyrkasyba; UAB Statransa; UAB Pagirių Nesta; UAB Metasta; UAB Šiaulių karjerai, AB Palemono keramika, UAB Rokų keramika, UAB Švenčionėlių keramika, UAB Gargždų plytų gamykla, etc.
  • Major peat producers:
    • AB Durpeta; AB Rėkyva; UAB Sulinkiai; UAB Presto durpės; UAB Laveksa; AB Renavo durpynas; UAB Didysis tyrulis; UAB Poraistė.
  • International companies:
    • AR Wierberger; UAB Lemminkainen Lietuva; UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Šilutė, UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Ežerėlis.

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